Avatar resolver

How to use?

Want avatar/thumbnail to be displayed in webhook message but no Ingredient available?

Fear no more, all you need is username / video url (for youtube) and current website!

  1. copy route from above, ex: /twitter/{username}
  2. prepend it with https://avatar.glue-bot.xyz
  3. replace {username} / {url} with {{Ingredient}} or actual name / link if it's static or not available
  4. paste it to avatar_url, author.icon_url, etc.


        "username": "Tweets from <<<{{Username}}>>>",
        "avatar_url": "https://avatar.glue-bot.xyz/twitter/{{Username}}",
        "content": "<<<{{LinkToTweet}}>>>"
Recache avatar/image

Use this if link keeps returning old image

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